Kraka covers a broad area of experience: Studies of people, their life and work; analysis of business opportunities; new business creation and market analysis; technology transfer and strategic technology planning; industrial design; contextual design and usability; prototyping of novel hardware and software.


Elin Ronby Pedersen, Kraka
Dr. Elin Rønby Pedersen founded Kraka Inc. in 2001. She brings along 25 years of experience in human computer interaction, ranging from innovative research, through system design and implementation with delivery deadlines, to business development and teaching & mentoring. She has repeatedly demonstrated a rare talent for combining a user centered approach with innovative design.

Elin is well connected in the international HCI world and leverages her work experience in several of the leading research centers in the Silicon Valley. In particular, she has worked at Xerox PARC, Interval Research Corporation (a Paul Allen company), and FX Palo Alto Laboratory (a Fuji Xerox company), as well as leading companies like Cisco Systems and Microsoft. In 2007 she joined Google to work on research and incubation in a new setting.

Elin was born and raised in Denmark, spent a couple of years as technology advisor on Faeroe Islands and a couple of years doing multinational project setup during the early days of the European ESPRIT program. From 1989-1997 she travelled between a university professorship in Denmark and the research labs of the Silicon Valley. Finally in 1997 she moved to the States "for real".

For more detail please see her resume and this annotated publication list.